Situated at the geographic heart heart of the European continent, Poland has recently awoken from the nightmare of decades of opression and poverty and is beginning to rebuild both spiritually and temporally.

National pride is reflected in the wearing of Polish regional costumes, the arts, education (where Russian is no longer a compulsory language) and an enthusiasm for the freedom to practice one's religion (Poland is mainly Roman Catholic but tolerant of all religions).

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Poland - a procession.

The Catholic church had stood steadfast against the tyranny of foreign opression and occupation and most recently against the strangling of freedom under the Soviets.
The ordination of a young man into the priesthood is thus enthusiastically marked by celebrations and processions such as this one where the young people of a village take the newly ordained priest from his home to the local church where he will celebrate his first Holy Mass.
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Polish national costume

Young polish children proudly (though somewhat bashfully) display their fine national costume.